How do I score high good marks in study?

Check out following 7 factors which will tell you how to score high in your study.

1) Discipline: No Facebook during his undergraduate years, and probably only go online for doing homework, assignments or coordinating projects. This reduces distraction span to zero.

2) Become a preacher: Never reluctant on teaching. Whenever anyone would ask you something, go over the concepts and explain it to him. This will be really beneficial for your closed group of friends, as you each learn different concepts and check with each other or discuss any doubts.

3) Emotional Intelligence: Control your emotional and sexual impulses.

4) Sacrifice: Have a great sense of patriotism. Do not let anything get to you. Use the poor infrastructure as a motivation, something like “one day I’m going to get out of this and do something great for science”.

5) No pain, no gain: Overkill to achieve your goal. I’m talking things like not having lunch to study an extra hour, sleep 4-5 hours a day at least 5 days a week, sleeping on the bus to get extra sleep time, and most dazzling thing of all.

6) Selecting friends: Have paradigm for selecting friends (or colleagues).

7) Be ambitious: All of your  life, be best at everything you do.